UPDATE! The video is finished!

Download the MP3 here.

Making Music Together

Photo by David Beale on Unsplash

During this time when we’re all hunkering down, I thought it would be a fun and inspiring project to put together a virtual choir video. The more people who can participate, the better it’ll be!

The song of choice for this Easter season is the classic hymn, Jesus Christ is Risen Today. Bridget Olver has created a beautiful arrangement for an SATB choir, and the notes and backing tracks are listed below. If you don’t read music, don’t worry! You can just sing the melody and send that as well.

Also, if you wish to record an instrumental track, please feel free to do so. If this turns into a virtual orchestra, that would be incredibly amazing!

To make this work, I’ll need every participant to do the following:

  • Find as quiet a place as possible.
  • Set up your phone, camera, or computer to record video. (If desired, you may also use a separate device to record the audio.)
  • Play the backing track via headphones and perform the song into your phone, camera, or computer.
  • Send the video (and audio, if separate) to me at virtualchoir@saskapriest.com. Alternately, if you’re storing your files on Dropbox, Google Drive, or a similar cloud service, feel free to just send me a link to the file.


The Music

The files below are the PDF and MP3 files containing different aspects of the arrangement. I’ve chosen three verses for this song, which should make for a nice length of video.

Each MP3 file contains a 4 bar intro, as well as 2 bars between each verse. A metronome is also included to help keep us on time. Note that the tempo slows slightly at the very end of the song.



Submissions are now closed. Thank you to all who shared your talents! I’m BLOWN AWAY by how amazing you all are.

Now its onto the task of editing…?