In my parishes we are currently in the process of examining / choosing a Mass setting that we’ll use for the newly translated Roman Missal.

Anyone have any suggestions of good settings that they’ve come across?

Here are ones that I’ve looked at so far.

Revised Mass Settings
Mass of Creation by Marty Haugen
Mass of Light by David Haas
Heritage Mass by Owen Alstott
Mass of God’s Promise by Dan Schutte
Missa Ubi Caritas by Bob Hurd

New Mass Settings
CCCB Mass Setting A by Fr. Geoffrey Angeles
CCCB Mass Setting B by John Dawson
CCCB Mass Setting C by Michel Guimont
Belmont Mass by Christopher Walker

In no particular order, here are a few observations:
– The revised settings are familiar and thus easier to learn (theoretically)
– The revised settings are familiar and thus easier to get confused with the older versions (theoretically)
– It seems to be really hard to compose a good setting for the new Gloria translation. The new words don’t seem to be quite as musical as they were in the older version.
– I’m tending toward preferring a refrain/verse structure for the Gloria in order to make it easier for the people to sing, at least initially.
– The Mass of Creation is easier to sing than the Mass of Light, but I find the Mass of Light easier to play. (I improvise with the guitar chords, though. The actual piano music for the Mass of Light can be challenging for some pianists.) I do love the priest parts for those two settings!
– I like the Heritage Mass.
– The Mass of God’s Promise seems ok, too, though it does add a word into the Gloria (“‘Give’ glory to God. . .”). I’d really like to stick to the translation we’ve been given as close as possible.
– Bob Hurd’s Missa Ubi Caritas is beautiful. I’m a big fan… but I’m not sure how many other people think the same way about the Latin/English hybrid nature of it.
– I really like the new setting by Fr. Angeles… and it’s not just because I studied with him in seminary. :-) I do note that it can be a bit challenging for people (especially the pianist) to learn, however. Also, two of my parishes do not have a piano.
– I really like the Belmont Mass Gloria, which has more of a chant style. It seems easy to learn and sing and has a noble simplicity to it.

What are your thoughts?