You just can’t make this stuff up. :-)

Ok, this is too funny. Or at least it seems that way to my frazzled brain during Holy Week. Youtube has a feature where it attempts to automatically create closed captioning for a video. I ran it on my parish website video, with hilarious results!

Here it is, somewhat adjusted for grammar purposes.

Hello I’m proud of their life. No. Alarm farther down the ladder priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon in pastor of the parish is a Sacred Heart of Jesus in Watson, Holy Guardian Angels in angle failed, dancing Gregory insane raiders the statue and and and life to welcome you to us.

We’re incredibly blessed to be an area of used central suspension of his own laundry rich Catholic history being served so well over the years fired the monks inference of saint heaters and in the monster suspension. Flight has been so good to us continuing to apt in our families and in Richard’s, making his presence in life known to us through the sacraments, through the world around us, and through the trial.

And I’d like to find out what’s happening in your parents by looking at the most recent church board. Also on our website fired links to it’s really hard criticism of the parish lol, of a large from it temperament couple christians doing work right now Tanzania, and also you can find might podcast and all kinds of different pieces of information about her perfect. It’s all right there on the top and predictor.

And i also want to get to know your family data as well. Please contact me with the information you see down below on this website and we’ll set something up. Please note that i like a lake dogs herd — obviously this is my software wheaton terrier Chloe, and i also have a real affinity for the right. So please contact me we’ll set something.

Most of our bikes invite you to come up with us on weekends and worship response here the celebration of the past. Church teaches us baptist liturgy that we celebrate everything about is in fact the source and the summit of our life as God’s people of the Christian people. Jesus makes himself right here before us and so invite you to comment worship with us, coming to counter if your lord who is president people. You can find out and start at the website for the three parishes but your check it out and we’ll see you this week!

(It is quite possible that the music may have messed it up. Still funny, though. You just can’t make this stuff up.)