VIDEO: My Catholic Story – World Youth Day

We all need inspiration in our lives, and one of the ways that God blesses us is through each other and our stories of faith.

As a result, I’m please to be part of a team (that also includes Sharon Leyne) in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon, producing a series of short videos entitled My Catholic Story.

Just in time for Lent, check out and share this wonderful story from Heather:

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    Running back to Saskatoon

    Well, I actually went back to Saskatoon a couple of days ago. I’m in the process of (attempting to) finish my talk on introduction to the sacraments for the Diocese of Saskatoon Lay Formation program. This is a program where people from across the diocese, from the Ukrainian Eparchy of Saskatoon, and from dioceses in northern Saskatchewan get together for one weekend per month for two years. They attend classes on different topics in faith, learn to pray the breviary, and meet fellow Catholics from all over.

    I was a part of the program during my internship year and one of the great things that came out of it for me is that I now know at least one person in most of the parishes in the diocese. I’ve been honoured to have been asked to teach for the past couple of years, and now I’m doing the introduction to the sacraments session for the first time.

    Anybody wanna write a talk for me? ;-)