You need to watch this. [UPDATED]

Here is episode #6 of the groundbreaking, 10-part miniseries by Fr. Robert Barron and Word on FireCATHOLICISM!

If you are Catholic or interested in what the Catholic Church believes and teaches, you seriously need to watch this. The entire series is fantastic, and here is a particularly good episode.

If you live in the Englefeld area, we plan to show the entire series in the fall.

Episode #6: The Mystical Union of Christ and the Church

UPDATE from Brandon Vogt:

Unfortunately, my friends at Word on Fire just called to say the video was prematurely uploaded. They were planning to release the entire episode along with brand new bonus content, but the video uploaded today included just the raw episode. So the video has been taken down, but the good news is that it will be live again sometime next week along with several extra features. Stay tuned!

As soon as I find out that the revised video is made available I’ll definitely be letting you know!

In the meantime, here is an extended trailer.

Fr. Robert Barron is amazing

As many of you know, we are beginning to show the incredible Catholicism series in Watson. This is the 10 part miniseries that was created by Fr. Robert Barron, a priest in Chicago.

Well, it’s now Lent, and so this other reflection by the same Fr. Barron somehow seemed appropriate. (Be sure to check out his many reflections on his Youtube page!) In this video, he looks at the Biblical readings behind Bob Dylan’s famous “All Along the Watchtower.” The lyrics are based on Isaiah — and also on the human struggle for goodness and justice, especially as it’s existed in the past decades. These are shown to ultimately find their redemption and fulfillment in the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Check it out!