Brainstorming about Writing

Here are the results from our brainstorming session about writing online.

(And it goes without saying, but we should say it anyway: without communicating with the Lord in prayer, we won’t be able to share him online.  (Can’t give what you don’t got!))


  • Examples of people doing blogs well?
  •  What about hosting my blog?
    • Free: WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, etc.
      • Tumblr, Google Sites
      • Ads
      • less flexibility
    • Paid: WordPress, Typepad, Squarespace
      • No ads (unless you want revenue)
      • more flexibility (sometimes)
    • host your own
      • maximum flexibility
      • harder to maintain
  • Writing:
    • Question to ponder: What is my primary, target audience for my online writing?
    • Topics: What should I write about?
      • Vocations – personal testimonies & food for thought
      • Serious vs. lighthearted
      • Things like “7 Quick Takes Friday” hosted by Jen Fulwiler at
    • Frequency of blogging
    • Embedding other media
      • links
      • photos (copyrights?)
      • video
      • audio
    • Using tags for ease-of-search


Comment Sections on other sites (“Comboxes”)

  •  Brandon Vogt observed that “New Atheists” tend to be very aggressive about commenting on other sites, trying to sway opinion
  • Often can get nasty. How to maintain sanity/balance?
    • 2012 World Communications Day: Silent reflection/prayer is ESSENTIAL!!