Diocese of Saskatoon Parish Ministries Survey

Dear Father,

Upon recommendation of the Diocesan Administrative Council, Bishop Donald Bolen established the Diocesan Commission for the establishment and modification of parishes and for the provision of pastoral ministry in parishes. This commission’s primary purpose is to advise the bishop, in collaboration with the presbyteral council and any other concerned commissions, on the erection of new parishes, construction of new church buildings, and the modification of parochial boundaries within the diocese. This includes both city and rural parishes, as well as parish clusters.

The commission’s current focus is the possible modification of parochial boundaries within the city of Saskatoon, due to the expanded growth of new and forming neighbourhoods, and the concern for efficacious pastoral ministry.

In order that sound recommendations may be offered to the bishop, and for the consent of the presbyteral council regarding possible modifications, the commission is asking for your assistance by promptly completing the survey below.

This will assist us in determining the ministries already provided within the boundaries of your parish, and especially to recognize pastoral care that is provided for beyond the current boundaries of your parish. It is our hope that this will also assist the presbyteral council by highlighting the need for ministerial assistance, when necessary.

Please fill out the form electronically below, or send your answers on paper to Rev. Marvin Lishchynsky at the Pastoral Centre.

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