One of my longtime hobbies has been to record/play music. (See the “Music” button above for some stuff that we did about 7-8 years ago.) Unfortunately, I haven’t had much of a chance to do any recording lately but I think it’s time I got back into it.

I’ve especially been interested in some of the nifty features found in the latest versions of Apple’s Logic Pro X. With its MIDI abilities I’m able to connect my old keyboard and make it create just about any instrument sound you can think of. To aid with this, I picked up some new, professional instrument sounds from EastWest Sounds Online. Here’s a quick video of the pipe organ sound from their Symphonic Orchestra Silver package.

I hope to try out other instrument sounds soon. The package basically comes with a full orchestra worth of samples and they sound amazing. I’m excited to do more with them!

(And yeah, my keyboard stand bounces around a lot… ?)