This is my entry to the latest photo challenge from Steve Nelson over at Here is the theme for this challenge:

For this challenge, show us an image that represents
“a sign of fidelity of Christ” and the graces we receive because of that fidelity.

Chloe and her ball (stock Canon lens)

Chloe and her ball (stock Canon lens)

Yup. I’ve chosen a photo of my dog, Chloe. My dog has revealed to me glimpses of the steadfast nature of Christ, who remains with us always (Matthew 28.20).

One particular story comes to my mind from when she was a puppy. I was sick over New Years with an especially nasty stomach bug. I’ll spare the details, but… I was basically in one of two places for a good day or so: bed, or the washroom. Chloe refused to leave my side. If I was in bed, she was there. If I was in the washroom, she waited until I got out. She was (and continues to be!) a sign of the fidelity of Christ in my life: for if a little four-legged furry creature can stay by my side so faithfully, then how much more is Jesus with me in all things?

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