Why do you believe?

As the Year of Faith comes to a close this fall, Bishop Don Bolen (Follow @bishopdonbolen) is inviting you to reflect on the reasons for your faith. Share your thoughts with us!

Why do you believe?

Where do you see God?

Who or what brought you to faith?

What keeps your faith alive?

How does faith in Christ make a difference to you?

How to share: Any format is welcome – written, audio or video! Long or short! Send in one reflection or many!

Click here to submit your reflection!

In Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, use the hashtag #ibelievebecause.

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  • Sharing our personal faith stories is one of the ways we are called to witness to Jesus Christ;
  • It is vital to learn how to name, articulate and share our reasons for faith in an age where faith is hard to find;
  • We strengthen our own faith when we remember all the strong reasons for Christian faith;
  • Our bishop is seeking your insights for an upcoming pastoral letter on faith;
  • To evangelize and build up the faith of others through website, social media, and our Diocesan Newsletter as well as through an event during our diocesan Year of Faith Festival, Nov. 8-10.

Please note that “I believe because” selections for these publications/events will be taken from among submissions that arrive before Oct. 21. (When submitting your reflection, please let us know if we have permission to share your submission and name.)

Click here for more information: saskatoonrcdiocese.com/ibelievebecause