With Quill Lake joining the parishes of Watson, Englefeld, and St. Gregor, it was necessary to do some re-vamping of the parish website (watsoncatholic.ca). Along with this came the need to create a new parish welcome video.

Here it is, in HD!
(720p version is below. It can also be seen in resolutions up to 1080p.)

One of the strange challenges was with the background music. I’m planning to use this music for a different video. And I didn’t want to re-use the same music as last time, in part because certain, national corporations saw fit to use the same, Apple Jam Pack music in nation-wide advertising campaigns, and so everyone’s heard it a lot. (Moxie’s, I’m looking at you, too. Surely you guys can afford to use other music beyond what’s provided in an $80 Jam Pack and leave that for us amateurs?)

So I’ve elected to use a couple of different pieces from the Jam Packs included with Logic Studio. The rest of the video was produced with Final Cut Pro X. Hope you enjoy it!