Winter? Advent? Well, neither season is technically here yet, but the temperature and snow outside sure make it seem like winter. We were getting wind chills of between -30 and -40 degrees Celsius this weekend. Oddly enough, the dog is not taking very long to do its, umm, business outside.

It’s also almost Advent, but not quite yet. One of the things that’s really driven it home is that this past weekend, we did the decommissioning blessing of the old sacramentary in preparation for using the brand new Roman Missal this upcoming weekend. It’s exciting… and a bit daunting. It’ll be interesting to see how the change goes. It may be rough sailing for a few weeks/months, but my hunch is that by this time next year the new wording will become second nature to us.

And the new prayers – especially the collects – are really quite beautiful. We have been missing out on so much of the poetic language that’s been present in the Mass all along in other languages.

Finally, if you haven’t done so yet, you NEED to check out Fr. Robert Barron’s Catholicism Series. It’s mind blowing. Seriously. Several parishes are beginning to show it (I’m planning to do so in the new year in Watson), and Salt and Light TV has also begun to show it. Check it out!