The past week I’ve been involved with workshops, both preparing to give a session and attending several sessions.

Next week I will be giving a morning session with Jason Cody, a teacher with Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools. The topic is to be about the Mass and conversion. To help prepare, a podcast episode was recently dedicated to this topic. I also travelled to Saskatoon this past Friday to meet with Jason to plan things out a bit. Since I was near the construction of the new Holy Family Cathedral, I took some quick photos. Here is a neat one of the spiralling roofline and towering cross that goes up to about 170 feet. Photos don’t really do this project justice, however. It is *huge* and is one of the largest things you notice when you enter the city from the north and east. To me, the soaring cross and roofline looks like a beacon to people who are searching for deeper meaning in their lives.

(Don’t worry – the scaffolding won’t be there for long!)

I was also in Humboldt this past week with many musicians from all over the diocese (as well as from my own parishes). We were attending workshops by Fr. Geoffrey Angeles and Bernadette Gasslein, who were presenting on music in the liturgy and on what the new changes in translation mean for the music. I studied in the seminary with Fr. Geoffrey, so it was cool to see him again and to catch up.